The Mission: Beyond a Hero is to stand behind our First Responders, Military and Veterans to provide a positive environment and to support them in their time of need.


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Beyond a Hero has very few staff members and over 75% consist of military members so as veterans our selves we understand what it feels like to be looked at funny or treated differently when we come home. So we try to counter that by thanking them and saying a few honest words to make them understand we have their back. That and our CEO likes to buy them food and drinks most of the time.

Beyond a Hero is 100% Pro-Police. We back our blue 100% and always will in order for our community to show that support we offer lunch on us to many officers around north Texas. Just our way of saying thank you and show our support.

Law Enforcement


Here at Beyond a Hero we also back our Red as well even though we sometimes poke the sleeping bear. We do care about them and we show them the same support we show Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers.