The Mission: Beyond a Hero is to stand behind our First Responders, Military and Veterans to provide a positive environment and to support them in their time of need.

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Show Your Support

        Here at Beyond a Hero we have seen the ups and downs of every first responders day to day lives. We understand sometimes it gets to tough for even these hero's and that is where your donations come into play.


       We are able to take 100% of your donations and use them to change lives from small things to huge and we are only able to do this with your help.


       As our CEO always say's "You could donate one dollar or a hundred, every cent will make a difference showing these first responders that someone cares about them. These hero's rush into danger every day for little pay and almost no respect we owe them so much more then we can give them."

       From everyone here at the Beyond a Hero family we say thank you for supporting the men and women who serve their country and their community every day and we hope to see you soon.